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Wolf Animal Spirit Guide Necklace

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Wolf Animal Spirit Guide Pendant for Men and Women 

Viking, Celtic, Native American Wisdom Symbol

  • Wolf Animal Spirit Guide Necklace 
  • Tribal Totem Style Men's and Women's Unisex Pendant.
  • Rich in Native American, Celtic and Norse symbolism.
  • Wear the Wolf and invoke its Spirit for your true path and instincts.
  • Symbol of loyalty, importance of family and protection from others.
  • 3mm PU eco-friendly 18 inch synthetic leather cord is waterproof and easily maintained.
The Wolf is a powerful Spirit animal. It is considered, in Native American cultures, as a wise teacher and those with whom the wolf resonates are deeply passionate and fiercely independent. In Celtic and Norse history it symbolizes the Warrior and the fight.

In the spirit animal kingdom, the wolf symbolizes:

  • Sharp intelligence, deep connection with instincts
  • Appetite for freedom
  • Expression of strong instincts

This is a beautiful piece that makes a great gift. One of our best selling and favorite pieces! Packaged in a quality black My Greater Shop jewelry box.


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