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Viking Valknut Pendant

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Viking Valknut Pendant / Necklace

Odin's Knot, Protective Norse Symbol

Makes a great gift for Viking and Celtic fans!


  • For Men and Women - Unisex Viking Symbol Jewelry

  • Ancient Valknut Inspired Norse Charm of Protection

  • Odin's Knot is worn as a Symbol of Power and Protection and Spirit Recognition of the inter-relatedness of man, earth and heaven.

  • 18 inch black PU Leather cord

  • This item comes package in a quality My Greater Shop jewelry box.

The Norse god, Odin, is regarded by the Viking people as the father of all humans and animals. He also oversees the afterlife, Valhalla, and the Valkyries that carry away half of those killed in battle.

Odin's knot (Valknut) is a symbol of power and protection and spirit recognition of the inter-relatedness of man, earth and heaven.

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