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Viking Sunwheel Solar Cross Rune Pendant, Symbolic Celtic Cross Style Jewelry - My Greater Shop

Viking Sunwheel Solar Cross Rune Pendant with Celtic Knot Design

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Viking Pendant - Sunwheel Solar Cross Rune

Celtic Cross Style

This necklace comes in a padded "My Greater Shop" Jewelry Box. Nicely packaged for a Special Gift.


  • This is a large striking Solar Celtic Cross Style Pendant
  • Represents Spiritual Navigation, promotes harmony with self, nature, wisdom and spirit
  • The black and silver designs feature Viking Runes and interlocking knots
  • The pendant measures 1.5 inches across and is approximately 1.8 inches long.
  • 3mm PU eco-friendly 18 inch synthetic leather cord is waterproof and easily maintained.
  • Unisex Design for Men and Women

The Celtic Cross arose out of the Sun Cross pattern, possibly the oldest symbol in the world.

The Norse Sun Cross was also known as Odin's cross. The Viking god, Odin, is regarded as the father of all humans and animals.

The center of the cross is the meeting place of Divine energies. The Celtic Cross is traditionally worn as a symbol of culture and faith.

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