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Viking Perun's Axe - Double Sided Pendant with Odin's Ravens. - My Greater Shop

Viking Perun's Axe - Double Sided Pendant with Odin's Ravens.

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Viking Perun's Axe Pendant with Odin's Ravens on an 18 inch Black Cord

Nicely packaged for a Special Gift.

  • Double-sided Slavic art designed axe pendant.
  • Antique silver and black is bold and eye-catching.
  • Viking symbol of Protection will universally appeal to the senses both aesthetically and emotionally.
  • The Axe is a symbol of War and Work - wear it with a mission.
  • For men and women
  • 3mm PU eco-friendly 18 inch synthetic leather cord is waterproof and easily maintained.

The Viking Axe Pendant is the ultimate warrior symbol of power and protection. 

Perun is the Viking god of Thunder and Lightning. Legend has it that Perun rides in a chariot carrying an axe that he hurls at evil doers and spirits and will always come back to his hand. 

Incorporating Odin's ravens, Huginn and Muninn into the axe design harnesses the animal spirits of desire and thought with wisdom and courage in channeling our energy towards our true path.

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