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Heavy Mens Viking Mammen Axe Pendant, Solid Metal w/Celtic Design on Black Cord - My Greater Shop

Men's Large Viking Axe Pendant, Solid Metal with Celtic Design

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Heavy Double-Sided Viking Mammen Axe Pendant

Solid Metal with Celtic Design on both sides

Nicely packaged for a Special Gift.


  • Manly, heavy metal pendant.

  • Viking symbols on one side show the Tree of Life.

  • Other side symbolizes an animal figure out of Viking legend that calls the warriors to battle.

  • Braided Black 20 inch cord with stainless steel connector.

The Viking Axe Pendant is the ultimate warrior symbol of power and protection 

This Axe pendant is also known as the Axe with double meaning. The engravings on one side symbolize the Tree of Life. In Viking times it was called the Yggdrasil, an eternally green Ash Tree that extends over the 9 worlds and up to the heavens.

On the other side is an animal figure. According to Viking legend a Rooster sits at the top of the tree and wakes Viking warriors each morning.



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