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Handmade Authentic Tibetan Prayer Box (Goa) Necklace - My Greater Shop

Handmade Authentic Tibetan Prayer Box (Goa) Necklace

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Handmade Authentic Tibetan Prayer Box (Goa) Amulet 

The Gao (sometimes spelled "Gau" or "Ghau") is used within Buddhist traditions as an amulet (ritualistic pendant) to provide protection from evil.  A Gao box is often embedded with semi-precious, precious stones, coral or glass beads.  Blue and red colors like on this Gao are especially favored in the design of Tibetan prayer boxes. 

The Gao is usually worn around the neck and hung close to the heart.  Within it is placed a scroll upon which is written or printed a prayer or sacred symbol and is thus similar to a transportable shrine. The Gao can also be used as a container for holding herbs, stones or other objects believed to have protective powers.

About this Goa:

  • This beautiful Goa is hand-made by artisans in Tibet
  • It is created with Tibetan silver/copper alloy
  • It has an inlaid Buddhist OM symbol (an ancient and spiritual symbol that is symbolic of universal creation), surrounded by ornate floral pattern engraving.
  • The top and bottom of the Goa are fitted together very precisely to prevent it from opening by accident. Because this item is hand-made (it is not cast) and the pieces fit tightly together, it is recommended to open only when needed and with due care
  • The Goa measures approximately 1 inch across and up
  • It comes on a black eco-friendly 18-inch PU Leather cord / necklace with a silver clasp as pictured

This item is delivered in a black padded jewelry box.

Makes a great gift for someone special!

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