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Golf CLUB CLEANING BRUSH. Metal and Nylon. Spike Cleaner. Retractable Reel. NEW! - My Greater Shop

Golf CLUB CLEANING BRUSH. Metal and Nylon. Spike Cleaner. Retractable Reel.

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Golf Club Cleaning Brush Tool 


"Must have" cleaning brush for golf club grooves and golf shoe cleats.

Make sure you get your best shot with clean grooves! Keeping you grooves clean will help good contact between your ball and the club head grooves and provide maximum spin, distance and control.

High Quality and Brand New.



  • 3 in 1 double sided golf club brush 
  • Retractable reel cord allows the brush to pulled away from your bag up to 22 inches but keeps it out of the way when not in use.
  • Attaches to your bag with a convenient carabiner clip.
  • Stiff brass brushes on one side to remove grass and dirt form iron grooves. Brass is softer than other metals and therefore will not harm your golf clubs or grooves.
  • The metal spike is useful to extract stubborn pieces of dirt or dry grass from grooves and also to clean dirt out of your gold shoe cleats. The spike comes with a rubber cover to prevent accidental pokes.
  • The stiff nylon side of the brush is used for cleaning off grass or light dirt off irons, putters fairway woods, hybrids and drivers. 
  • The nylon brushes can also be used to safely clean dirt off your golf shoes without damaging expensive leather uppers.
  • The brush measures 7.5 inches long and the bristles are ½ inch wide on each side (total width is 1.5 inches).
  • The black retractable reel is made of durable plastic and the cord is strong nylon. The brush handle is made of ergonomic soft feel rubber for use in all conditions.
  • Great gift to add to anyone’s golf bag

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