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Equine Goddess Epona, 3 Horse Celtic Knot Pendant - My Greater Shop

Equine Goddess Epona, 3 Horse Celtic Knot Pendant

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Equine Goddess Epona - 3 Horse Celtic Knot Design Pendant

Beautiful Celtic knot design for horse lovers

18 inch, adjustable and eco-friendly synthetic leather cord.

Horse symbolism is widespread and many people connect strongly with the wildness, strength and beauty of the horse. 

The Celtic connection is with war, victory and service. The Celts regard Epona as the Mother Horse goddess of earth who provides easy transitions - both earthly and spiritually. 

In Buddhism, a winged horse is often depicted as carrying the Book of Law. 

In the Chinese zodiac, the horse represents practicality, love, endurance, devotion and stability. 

As a tribal totem, the Native American people regard the horse as a helper of Spirit and bringer of messages to the Earth. 

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