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Celtic Knot Viking Protection Pendant - My Greater Shop

Celtic Knot Viking Protection Pendant

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Celtic Knot Viking Protection Pendant 

This necklace comes in a padded "My Greater Shop" Jewelry Box. Nicely packaged for a Gift.

Necklace Description:

  • This is a pretty Celtic Knot in Silver and Black Design
  • Powerful Protection Symbol from Celtic, Medieval and Norse times
  • Symbol represents the timeless nature of our Spirit and our beings
  • The intertwining strands symbolize unity and protection and the inter-connectedness of all things
  • The necklace is on an 18-inch adjustable eco-friendly synthetic leather cord

The Celtic Knot symbol represents the timeless nature of our Spirit. 

It is also used as a charm to protect against sickness or setbacks or anything that can disrupt the calm journey of life.

Celtic knots by design have no beginning and no end and can be said to represent eternity and affinity whether this means loyalty, faith or love. The use of only one thread in a knot symbolizes how life and eternity are interconnected! 

Celtic knot designs date back thousands of years and became more popular as Christianity spread through the Celtic regions. Knot designs can be found everywhere from early cave art to our current everyday lives including religious objects, architecture, fashion items, furniture, book designs etc. Different Celtic knots have different meanings and many people wear these powerful symbols every day in jewelry and tattoos. 

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