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Viking Raven TYR Rune Pendant

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Viking Ravens and Rune of TYR Pendant / Necklace

Nordic Symbol: Odin's Ravens Huginn & Muninn form a Tiwaz (Arrow) Symbol

Delivered in a My Greater Shop quality padded black jewelry box.

Makes a great Gift for a Viking or Celtic fan! 

  • Viking TYR Rune Pendant / Necklace, Mens and Women's Nordic Symbol, Odin's Arrow and Ravens
  • The pendant is the symbol/ Rune of Tyr (arrow shape) with Odin's ravens Huginn and Muninn
  • This Nordic/Norse pendant is double sided, siliver colored heavy alloy on a leather black PU Leather 18 inch cord
  • The Ravens, Huginn & Muninn, belonged to the Norse god Odin and brought him information daily
  • The Tiwaz (arrow shaped) Nordic rune is associated with Tyr (known for great wisdom and courage)
  • Unisex design for men and women

This pendant is a heavy alloy, silver color. The Tiwaz (arrow shaped) Nordic rune is associated with Tyr (known for great Wisdom and Courage).

It is worn by spiritual warriors. When coupled with the Ravens (the viking god Odin's servants, named Hugninn and Muninn), animal spirits of desire and thought will harness wisdom and courage in channeling energy towards a righteous cause.

We are sure you will love this piece! 

Quality Guaranteed!


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